I stepped inside of you
To see myself
Instead, you may have 
Poured over my body

angles and shadows
orbs and blurs

Alone in the corner
Of your stoic apartment
Lost at the airport
Locked out

a paper on the ins and outs

<span><p>writing. is it sane?</p><p>is it good?</p><br /><p>putting something down</p><br /><p>picking up</p><p>where we left off</p><br /><p>a million ways to see it</p><br /><p>now, moving less, less</p><p>time</p><br /><p>now</p><p>returning</p></span>

Prospect Park

Limiting belief:
I don't deserve love

Sometimes the sunlight is sharpest 
when colors are flat and dull

The pond and grass pierce my heart 
because they are all in green,
nothing standing out over the other 
and it makes me gasp

My breath goes out into it
the green-yellow

My skin the same
non-color as the pond

It's that light could be so different everyday
That this once has never been described
And never will be again

What I See

Is not something
you disagree with strongly
Anger is something you disagree with
Strongly but
Not bodily but
Habitually because
Of fear of loss
Of violence because
Of injustice
Done to you


We are giving over our secrets
Our secrets that protect us

Handing out our morals
The morals that will save us

To avoid each other
We hail the secret saviors

Without us
Will whisper in our absence
Life is precious,
life is precious


Is your heart heavy?
I'm internal
Right now
I'm under the garden
Under the covers
Letting it all go

Is your mind racing?
I'm beside you
This time
Out in the open
Covered in quiet
Letting my love grow


Fighting with you
About feminism
On the cactus hill

You think it's a question
Of morals
It's not

Is a different arc

The sun is low
With scraggly branches
Constructs a golden path

On the brush
That is beautiful
That we can agree on