Leeds (Revision)

I was a collapsed barn
All you saw were the wisps of bent hay
floating around my temples
making it hard to see

my temples
turned patient in their sockets
while sentimental gossips poked them back ahead

that summer, sulking
suffocating in the laboring sun

pointing and deliberate
the grasses wept
from another point of view it all looked soft

Crickets are another man's silence
The old boards have nails in them, so put your shoes on
This treasure is only plastic from the seventies
This emerald is only a wet stone


Banging my hollow chest from bed

Why did I decide to become a pop star?
Why did I decide to not be sad?

Sad is my cadence
It hurts people

I can see it as a color that absorbs all others
I can see it as a unit ocean


A mouse eats an ant and becomes a kitten
A cat eats a mouse and becomes a dog