Nest Summons

Tantalizing passivity
Make me a historian
My hand in the fortune

Our Reaction To The Text Is Physical

Glass compels me outwards
Pushing off
Turning swimmer in a pool

Paper is a different kind of summons

The constraints of the window
Control the whole
A mirror reflex
My fingers

Constraints of the page include the universe, I breathe.
I take in leaves far away
And insect murmurs
I recognize the pool in the garden
It is beautiful in its picture

It is a gesture
For pennies, not people
a receptacle for fantasies that have been cast
To come true
a debt extended

Descendants of trees absorb secretions from our sloppy pads
Descendants of sand repel them

Closely, could they find their way inside though
And melt images
So oil dissolves oil

Without water
The images are mis-timed, though
We could never leave them in the sun long enough

Hands cradle, sockets hold, ear registers, filia connect
Silence of submurging and lifting
That comes with distance
The quality of the breeze that makes the leaves

The Photographers

I fell in love with you because I could sense it would be beneficial to my career
And I loved that feeling
The being with you
Creating something

Doubling and growing of my visibility
Filling and smoothing of my abberrations

We moved for more than just each other
We moved for everyone
We instagrammed their weddings
We instagrammed their art