I. Relay Circa '96

There was a room called the BearCave
that was notoriously hard to infiltrate.
Any time one of us got in,
We'd swiftly get kicked out.
At a certain point I realized
Everyone in the channel had either -cub- or -bear- in their name.
I updated my name to FishBear
and got in the group,
and I was allowed to stay.

Once there,

I realized
Everyone in the group was either a Cub or a Bear-
And generally,
The Cubs and Bears were trying to find each other
To have sex with each other
And generally,
The Bears seemed to be men, and the Cubs seemed to be boys.
From what I could tell
And I was a curious boy.
And I took this information
and told my friends.

Free Breakfast In Every School

Nothing is alone or separate
We create such imaginations together
Never alone.
Need bleeds
Into music playing white-faced in a tux
Cello piped over a beige rainbow on a roving stair
The dogs are innocent is weaponized
The backpack is subject to interpretation to random search
Fuck our justifications for greed