One Year

I'm smearing my tears all over the handrail
From patting the area under my earth eyes

On a rumbling

The green fields remind me of a love
My green love to your gray

The pink ribbon
in her bible companion
Matches the pink ribbon
in my isn't-yellow hair

The West Wind Warm Is The East Wind Warm

I am lightning rounding my relationships,
soot and tar
and resin

splaying web spider combing like a harp
bleached out beams, I extend myself_

almost balanced, almost caressed, almost cared for
almost covered in an almost quilt
burning our throats with being together
out on the porch in the cover of dark and sad,
in view of a midnight city.
almost exterminating ourselves
clinging to our almost visionary toppling almost safety

We gave out gratitude to the reeds and they returned it
We floated to earth 
with Sun dipping freely behind her mountains 
they cradled us in the fog that cleared
Between beams, everything was blazing pink or shadow
We were animals too,
the soft land glowing as we floated down

I returned to something built
With more waves and air
Vaster, taking up more space
More singed from being close
With more ashes to offer

I am running into someone I love’s best friend
I am breathing out smoke and talking about class
I am sinking into the couch being told to keep going, make art, sing, and find the ones who matter

I apply rosewood oil and vetiver daily
My ballerina is outer and wholly messy
I am growing out my hair

Stay in this garden
Sink and rise among the lovers
Keep going, make art, sing, and find the ones who matter
Burn your throats with the being together of being
Leave between midnights in our beaming city
And walk down our quiet street, home.