Superbowl Sunday

it's a matter of care
a degree of care
time, reality the past

make forward
push the margins
fashion, it's the same really

believe recklesslessly
be yon(d)ce

Looking Back: Time Is A Visual Effect That Shapes And Forms The Past And Shapes And Forms The Present

my senior year of high school there was a kid who was someone who was always weird and bullied
he made a video project and i forget what the assignment was
he interviewed classmates about their favorite sitcom growing up in the nineties
after each interview subject spoke about their memories of the show, the video would cut out and the show's theme song would play in its entirety over a blank black screen
i thought it was bad and stupid work
at the time
disjointed, weak and underfinished
but i still remember it. and am thinking now maybe it was ahead of its time-

Paraphrasing Elizabeth Grosz

without boundaries of its own
it takes on and receives itself from the outside
which is not its outside
(this would imply it has a form)

its form is the outside
of identity
not just of an other, (for that would reduce it to the role of an object)
but of


whose relations of positivity define it,
by default.

In Summation

Fridays are a crisis
This blog is a crisis
This phone is a crisis
Ceci n'est pas it's not even a phone

Gender is a skeuomorph
Social-mobile media is fashion
Fashioning is a distinct kind of making
Individual-collective production

Fashion a thing into something other than itself and still itself
He fashioned a hat out of some newspaper.
There is wholeness of the material
Through neither loss nor addition the form becomes something other, to form
The form is time and culture.
Fashion bodies

Author-readers are round bodies
fizzing in seltzer
with text dissolved.
Dissipated into the conditions of articulation
Discourse is better suited to spatial metaphors
Trapped by the medium
Which plane is math speaking on?

The program needs to be taken seriously
stop interpreting my keystrokes with such brutal disregard for aesthetics
Sometimes a star is just a star
A smile is literally a human face, so this one is particularly disturbing
It sucks that certain people got the key first
I agree, they should be rewarded with 20 years unpaid vacation

Concrete Forest

I am a finite person
Fed lines
I let it happen

New the lifespan
Elder listener
Needle needed now

Dear MV

Your dance words play in my brain more to this day
And I’ve decided “carving out dance circles in the crowd”
is a way I want to think about art
-Mode of sociality- established unestablished established
Dissonance like nina at once

It was already going before anyone arrived—
The audience wanted and drank it up
And yes, we knew them
Universe tremors stirred dingly dongly in a time stamp
And, off we go