The loud voice
The promises
Cold carpet, bad coffee
emoji Functional
Meet at night and at 5:30
push to
Metadata, bad boundaries

I fly to fairy plays
and queer rainbows that are real

Say her name.

Gather scripted
Gated elevators
Custom command


I was a collapsed barn
All you saw were the wisps of bent hay
Floating around my temples
making it hard to see

My patient eyeballs turned
that summer, sulking afternoon
While sentimental gossips poked them back ahead

Exacting straws, pointing and deliberate
From another point of view, it all looked soft.

Crickets are another man's silence
The barn boards have old nails in them, so put your shoes on
The treasure is only plastic from the seventies
The emerald is only a wet stone

Artist Criticism

It fails to qualify
A conversation you control
You. Really.
Show yourself
Show me what qualifies you
Let me see you touch it.

Fulton AM

I wonder what happened to the old man
Who left his blue cup at the corner
Lone, with a penny and a nickle in it